LBM MCC Kreativ | Leipziger Buch Messe


Oh boy am I excited! Next week it’s time for LBM MCC Kreativ in short! Leipziger Buch Messe Manga Comic Con Kreativ is a four-day convention in Leipzig. We’ll be standing in the Artist Alley which they call MCC Kreativ of the Manga Comic Con part. LBM is a big convention/fair for book publishers, writers and more. They combine it with the MCC which seems awesome to me!

From Thursday 15 March til Sunday 18 March the MCC will be held and you can find more information here. You’ll find us at table LBM MK-241


Look for the banner like the top picture to find us. Or you know, search for the table filled with frogs and dogs. 😉

Hope to see somewhere of you there! Do say hi. 🙂

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LBM Manga Comic Con – Presale!

Mid March I’ll be attending Leipzig Buch Messe Manga Comic Con!
There will follow a bigger blog update about it, and a review afterwards
In short LBM and I’m super excited for it! I am however not bringing my fanart products with me! Oh noes!

I have limited space so instead I’ll offer a LBM presale on my Etsy! This way you can still get the Animal Crossing stickers/buttons you’d like to get if you’re going to LBM.


Use the coupon code LBMPRESALE
You’ll get 15% off without minimum spending!

You’ll also help me make space for a new line of products that will come after LBM, DCC and FACTS in my shop!

Happy shopping and who might I see at LBM?

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Q + A | Taxes 2.5 Guest blog

Q+A taxes 2.5 niels

Welcome to an extra blog about the fun part of the Income Tax (Inkomstenbelasting)!
Please read the previous blog about taxes first (it’s a long sit, so take your time) to get an extra understanding.

Niels from Yingxcel offered to make a guest blog purely about the huge important Income Tax! Which I’m grateful for since it’s something I do not know anything about. So I’ll be reading my own blog as well 😉

Onwards to the guest blog!

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Q + A | Taxes, VAT and more fun stuff

Q+A Freelance + taxes

Welcome to a second Q + A blog! In the previous one I told you some of my experiences and tips of having an online store, what kind of shop options there are and how you can react to some kind of customers.

In this Q + A blog I’m gonna talk about all the fun and happy stuff of being a freelancer: taxes and administration and all that belongs at that. Dunndunndunnnnn! Not only taxes, but also C.O.C., when to go official, administration and the fact that you’re probably putting more time into this all instead of just drawing and creating. 😉

DISCLAIMER: This blog contains my experience and most of all DUTCH law and rules. Please check your local tax support/office/website for more information how it works in your country. I also got a lot of information from my bookkeeper Yingxcel, thank you Niels!

This blog is perfect for people starting an own freelance illustrator business or want to take their convention tables to a whole new level! To learn the basics and some terms.

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YaYcon | Review


Sunday February 11 YaYcon was held in the Icoontheater in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
It’s a small LGBTQ+ convention mixed with Japanese media, such as Shounen/Shoujo-Ai and Yaoi/Yuri. It’s a small con but a very cozy one and I visited the very first edition as a visitor (I think somewhere around 2009? Can’t find the data anymore.) and this time I attended it as an artist in the dealer room. Here’s how it went!

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YaYcon 2018 | Let’s get physical


Con season is upon us!
This Sunday, February 11, I will attend my first convention of 2018!

In the ICOONtheater in Amersfoort, NL YaYcon will be held. And I’ll be in the dealer room at tables 58 -59. YaYCon is a cute small convention dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community and the Shounen-Ai/Yaoi and Shoujo-Ai/Yuri genre’s in Manga and Anime. There will be workshops and panels about Gender as well.
Do check out the website of YaYcon.

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Q + A | An online store / Etsy

Q+A online tore Etsy

Welcome peeps to the first of many Q + A blogs! I’ve started asking if any of my followers on my social media we’re having questions or thoughts about freelancing, going to conventions or anything else related to being a freelancer and artist
I got a lot of great questions! I’ve been getting questions via Intagram DM’s for instance more and more the last year, so I’ve been scraping them together to answer them here.

I’ve got questions about having a shop, about conventions which are best to start with, how do I ship A4 papers, how does taxes work, what do I need to keep in mind when I’m going officially freelance, any recommended print shops, tips on how to build digital files, how do I display my work and so on. The questions will be divided in several blogs to keep the info clear. You can still message me with questions if you have any by the way. 🙂

This first part will be about having an online store, which variations of shops are out there and anything related to having a shop or selling products. I will answer the questions directly at the end of the blog, but go deeper into some answers before the questions.

Little disclaimer: This is all my own experience, so use and apply the tips as you see fit! There is not right or wrong way, but perhaps you can take a few tips and tricks from this post.

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